ECHO original 999 gold 24K mini coins 18K fine knitting transfer red rope

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Precious Metal Condition Pure Gold
Specification 3mm Gold Coin + Red Rope,5mm Gold Coin + Red Rope,6mm Fine Gold Coin + Red Rope,7mm Gold Coin + Red Rope,3mm Gold Coin + Half Rope Half Chain,5mm Gold Coin + Half Rope And Half Chain,6mm Gold Coin + Half Rope And Half Chain
Mosaic Material Unset Plain Gold
Value-added Services Support Customization
Bracelet Length 14cm,14.5cm,15cm,15.5cm,16cm,16.5cm,17cm,17.5cm,18cm,18.5cm,19cm,19.5cm,20cm,20.5cm,21cm,21.5cm,22cm,22.5cm,23cm,23.5cm,24cm,24.5cm,25cm,25.5cm

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