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Spot brand new genuine PS4 game Uncharted sea Lost heritage Shenhai secret adventure Chinese version

  • Product Code: 555543034618
  • Availability: 599
  • $53.59

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Product specifics
Game Type ACT Action Game
Game Version Standard Edition Special Edition
Manufacturer Sony
Game Name Mysterious Seas: Lost Legacy
Game Console Type Sony PS4
Language Classification Traditional Chinese

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Product Q & A

How many chapters of the lost heritage of the ps4 mysterious sea area

Choose a simple explorer difficulty; 2, the trophy description is wrong: 1 pay attention to a few notes, say the fifth chapter, but actually start from the prologue all the way to finish the fourth chapter

Is the mysterious sea area 4 in the ps4 Hong Kong version market simplified?

If you are using DLC, you can buy the national bank version. Or you can directly back up to Hong Kong service or daily service, buy Hong Kong version or Japanese version, once and for all.

Why does the function like ps4 have the legacy of the lost land of the mysterious sea...

A: Why can't you? The family production team has taken care of it, the details are very good... Say you haven't found a very burning machine in the mysterious sea area. After I put the disc, the fan is whistling. I am afraid that the machine can't stand it.


A: Do you want to ask others to use special codes? The ps4 special code is to follow the psn account. If this special code has already been taken by you, then others will not be able to...

How many chapters of the ps4 mysterious sea lost heritage?

A: Chapter 12

Ps4 genuine game mysterious sea area collection how much money

A: Hello, the price of the mysterious sea area is about 240. Anyway, now only genuine, you can buy with confidence. Hope to adopt, thank you.

Ps4 mysterious sea area 5 lost heritage how much money

A: That looks like 4.5. When I bought it, it was about 220. Now the price should drop again.

Ps4 mysterious sea collection subtitles have simplified Chinese?

,Thank you.

Ps4 mysterious sea collection digital version how much money

A: equivalent to 298 yuan

The mysterious sea area 4 thief road will land on the ps3 platform, or the second era monopolize?

PS4 Game Type: 3D AVG / ACT / TPS Number of games: 1 person, multiplayer online production company: Naughty Dog ...