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Only 688 / support staging / buy mobile phone can send mobile phone Huawei / Huawei enjoy 7 official full Netcom mobile phone 8 flagship store authentic 7s Imagine 7plus enjoy 8Plus enjoy

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Product specifics
Style Straight
Rear Camera 13 Million
Running Memory RAM 3GB
Keyboard Type Virtual Touch Screen Keyboard
Cellphone Type Camera Phone Fashion Mobile Phone Smartphone 4G Mobile Phone Business Phone
Type Of Battery Non-removable Battery
Camera Type Before And After The Dual Camera
Network Mode Dual SIM
Core Number Quad Core
Version Type China Mainland
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Network Type 4G Full Netcom
Package Type Official Standard Package One Package Two Package Three Package Four Package Five
Storage 16GB32GB
Brand Huawei/Huawei
Huawei Model Enjoy 7
Additional Features Proximity Sensor,Light Sensing Gravity Sensing Fingerprint Sensor
CPU Brand MSM8917 Qualcomm Xiaolong 425
Time To Market 2017-7
Manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Screen Size 5.0 Inches
Operating System Android7.0
Battery Capacity 3020mAh
Product Name Huawei Enjoy 7
Body Thickness 8.05mm
Touch Screen Type Multi-touch Touch Screen
Resolution HD/1280x720
Video Display Format *.3gp, *.mp4, *.webm, *.mkv
Body Color Champagne Gold 2GB Black 3GB Black 2GB Blue 3GB Streamer Gold 3GB Champagne Gold 3GB

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Product Q & A

Huawei mobile phone service - Baidu knows partner certification body

4G/3G/2G, China Telecom's 4G/3G/2G. Note: If both cards are telecom cards, only one telecom card can be used, card slots 1, 2...

Huawei/Huawei enjoy 7 plus full Netcom authentic mobile phone 5.5 inch smooth...

A: Hello Huawei Changxiang 7 is a full Netcom version of the mobile phone, is able to support the mobile phone cards of the three major operators, please visit the telecom online business hall for details.

Huawei Huawei How to enjoy 7 full Netcom mobile phone

With 2.5D curved glass, the touch feels more comfortable. 2, camera: front 5 megapixel camera, F / 2.4 aperture, fixed focal length,...

Huawei enjoys 7 This mobile phone is China Unicom Telecom Netcom?

Vulnerable to viruses and other issues. 2: Brushing opportunities bring unpredictable negative effects, must be handled with caution. If...

Huawei enjoy 7 is full Netcom?

The default is 4G Internet main card, and another non-mobile card can only make calls and send text messages as a secondary card. 1. Huawei enjoys 7 Plus with 5.5 inches in-...

Huawei enjoys the 7Plus mobile custom machine, can you brush it into a full Netcom version?

Flagship store, Jingdong Huawei flagship store to inquire about products, you can choose the right model according to your needs.

What does it mean for Huawei to enjoy 7plus mobile full Netcom?

Pass. Enjoy 7 plus full Netcom is supporting China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom 4G/3G/2G, the main and auxiliary cards can be switched at will. Enjoy 7 plus China Mobile full Netcom customized version...

How much does it cost to buy a Huawei to enjoy 7p now?

When the card and a non-mobile card are used, the mobile card defaults to the primary card. If you need to use a non-mobile card to make a call or go online,

Does Huawei enjoy 7G dual card support 4G network?

A: Huawei enjoys 7 mobile phones is dual card dual standby single pass, SIM card type is: SIM card 1: nano card; SIM card 2: nano card or microSD card choose one