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Newman V1 mini ultra small mobile phone mobile Nokia students men and women models old mobile phone long standby genuine straight standby button old man big words loud double card dual standby

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Product specifics
Brand Newman
Newman Model V1
CPU Brand Spreadtrum
Model Other
Network Type Mobile Unicom 2G
Style Straight
Rear Camera No Camera
Operating System No
Additional Features Dual SIM
Touch Screen Type Non-touch Screen
Running Memory RAM 64MB
Resolution 128x160
Cellphone Type Fashion Mobile Phone Child Mobile Phone Business Mobile Phone Old Man Mobile Phone
Type Of Battery Removable Battery
Camera Type No Camera
Video Display Format Below 360P
Network Mode Dual SIM
Core Number Single Core
Cpu Frequency 500MHz And Below
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Body Color Black Blue White Red
Package Type Official Standard Package One Package Two Package Three
Storage 64MB
Version Type China Mainland
Battery Capacity 800mAh
Time To Market 2017-05
Body Thickness 15.5mm
Keyboard Type 21-key Standard Keyboard
Manufacturer Shenzhen Newman Times Technology Co., Ltd.
Screen Size 1.77 Inches

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Product Q & A

Newman m560 straight old man mobile phone big words loud big screen old machine long standby...

Format: MP3/WMA/MTV/AMV Sound mode: natural, rock, pop, classical, soft

What brand of old mobile phone with long standby is good!!!???

The class is specially designed for the middle and old aged smart phones, it is relatively simple and easy to use. 1, Bo Yue 1 old mobile phone models: straight touch smart old man...

Newman l8 three anti-telecom old man machine long standby this phone how to

To change the machine, to be honest, if you want to buy an old-fashioned mobile phone, then Nokia is still much better, even if Lenovo’s machine is much better. I used to...

Which is good for the old man machine, I would like to recommend a long standby?

To be long, to be durable, fourth: resistance to fall, you say yes, Nokia, Huawei, these are doing well, against Changhong's C1 is also good, we are with...

Which old mobile phone is currently loud, long standby

If you are tall, try to read the Note. The appearance is atmospheric, the sound is very loud, the standby time is also very long, and you can open the WIFI for a week.

What kind of small mobile phone is Nokia’s long standby?

A: 3310

Non-smart phones for the elderly

It is not particularly convenient for most elderly people to use it. Before I bought the "old man machine" for the elderly, I suddenly made a sudden...

Newman old mobile phone is easy to use?

It is recommended that you buy a loud sound, a large screen, and simple control.

Which is the best mobile phone for the elderly in 2017? What are the top 10 mobile phone rankings for the elderly?

A: The quality of the elderly mobile phone is better. There are Ai Laifu F520 and Newman. This is on the leaderboard. The screen is big, the voice is clear, and the old man is very good.

Recommend a Nokia phone for the elderly, simple function, large font,...

A: Nokia's basic fonts are not big. Nokia 107. Or recommend the elderly smart phone, 21 grams of mobile phones, this is very popular online, the font is also large, there is an old model, easy to understand.