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HP/HP OMEN Shadow Elves 3 Shadow Elf 4 Eat Chicken Game Book Night 4 pro Student i5 Standalone Laptop 15.6 Light Shadow Elf 4 Generation i7 1060

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Product specifics
Brand HP/HP
Series OMEN
Model Shadow Elves 3
Memory Capacity 8GB
Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity 1TB
CPU Intel Core I5-8300H
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Screen Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920x1080
Memory Capacity 2G
Thickness 20.0mm And Above
Color Classification Purple Shadow Elves 4th Generation Light Shadow White Light Shadow Black Green Shadow Red Shadow Red 144hzpro
Product Barcode 0000000000000000
Package Type Official Standard Fever Set One Fever Set Two Fever Set Three Fever Set Four Fever Set Five Fever Set Six Fever Set Seven Fever Set Eight Fever Set Nine Fever Set Ten Fever Set Eleven Fever Set Twelve
Manufacturer Compal Information Industry Co., Ltd.
Input Device Touchpad
Whether Touch Screen Non-touch Screen
Energy Efficiency Rating First Level
Whether It Is Ultrabook No
Graphics Card Type NVIDIA GeForceGTX1050 (Notebook)
Operating System Windows10
Applicable Scene Mobile Workstation Home Audio And Video Female Positioning Light And Portable Student Business Office HD Game Home Entertainment
Warranty Period 12 Months
Body Weight With Battery 2.5kg

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Product Q & A

HP Shadow Elves 4.I5 Eight Generation. Can the GTX1050TI graphics card eat chicken smoothly?

A: You can eat, medium quality, I am four generations i5 4570+R9 280X+12G memory, the higher the quality of 1080P resolution can be smooth.

HP Shadow Elf 4 this configuration with high-quality eating chicken gta5?

Just an ordinary screen.

HP Shadow Elves 4plus.

A: HP HPWASD Shadow Wizard 15.6-inch gaming notebook i5-6300HQ 4G 1TB+128G SSD GTX950M 4G alone FHD IPS screen Win10 4999

What is the difference between the eight generations of HP Shadow Elves 4 and the e-sports version?


Xiaomi game book and shadow wizard 4 which screen is good

Screen. It is precisely because of this point that the whole machine is compared with the previous generation, and it feels like "slimming a lot". At the same time, the shaft is separated...

How about the HP Shadow Elves 4th generation game?

The upper keyboard surface has a high temperature area of ​​2, the direction keycap is not the standard size 3, and the i5+1060 version is not equipped with the gaming screen [upgrade suggestion] This...

How to evaluate HP HP Shadow Elf 4

The lower surface of the keyboard has a high temperature area of ​​2. The direction keycap is not the standard size. 3, the i5+1060 version is not equipped with the e-sports screen.

Shadow Elves 4 and 4puls

The two highest price difference is 3000, 3P used to be the highest with 12999, the main difference between 4 and 4P is the RGB screen...

Shadow Elves 2 Think about ps4 connected to the laptop screen?


Dell g7 and HP Shadow Elves 4

A: Hello! I suggest you actually experience it. From the appearance point of view, both models are relatively rough style, and the heat dissipation is also good reputation. The brand after sale is trustworthy.