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HP/HP PAVILION -14 Changyou laptop ultra-thin lightweight portable business office

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Product specifics
Brand HP/HP
Model -14
Memory Capacity 8GB
Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity 500G Machinery
CPU Intel Core I5-8250U
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Screen Size 14 Inches
Resolution 1920x1080
Memory Capacity Shared Memory Capacity
Thickness 18.0mm With -20.0mm Not Included
Color Classification Silver Golden Pink
Product Barcode 0000000000000
Weight 1.5kg Containing -2kg Without
Package Type Eight Generation Package One Eight Generation Package Two Eight Generation Package Three Eight Generation Package Four
Manufacturer HP
Input Device Touchpad
Whether Touch Screen Non-touch Screen
Energy Efficiency Rating First Level
Graphics Card Type Core Graphics
Operating System Windows10
Applicable Scene Home Audio And Video Female Positioning Light And Portable Student Business Office Home Entertainment
Communication Technology Type Wireless Network Card Bluetooth
Energy Efficiency Record Number 201705-27-1134221-1998968919423
Warranty Period 12 Months
Body Weight With Battery 1.6kg

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Product Q & A

Ask the computer god to help me see how this notebook [HP/HP PAVIL...

A: Light and thin this type of office, low-voltage CPU and 940M graphics card, can not talk about the performance, not even the game

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Standalone graphics memory capacity: 4GB

HP HP Changer Pavilion 14-al125TX 14-inch thin pen...

The overall version is more than Dell 7000. The version of the burning is very large, especially in the hands of dealers, can not get the version seen on the Internet, can always be a variety of flicker

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However, the power consumption and heat generation are completely suitable for the design requirements of ultra-thin notebooks. However, with the continuous innovation of technology in the past two years,...

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A: The basic price of this mainstream brand is basically this configuration. It can also be basically enough. Add a 4G memory stick or add a 64/120G solid state.

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Spectre series, such as the visual experience of the A side and the treatment of the surrounding micro arc, which makes the Chang 14 Pavilion 14, although the price is not...

HP Changyou Pavilion 14-bf012TU is good, good or bad,...

Power consumption / heat is relatively small, the graphics card is only 940 version, its comprehensive performance is more suitable for watching movies, listening to music,...

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A: The screen is leaking, there is a problem.

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Only small use, the right side should have a USB left side has two pairs; Summary: The price is OK, suitable for home, very good...

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A: This kind of superbook, you can play Lianliankan landlord can not LOL is not cool, even a single show is not, cooling is not good, large single machine can not directly think