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Galaxy Fleet E-sports Edition HP/HP PAVILION Power Gaming Laptop Light Shadow Elf

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  • $1,035.73

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Product specifics
Brand HP/HP
Memory Capacity 4GB
Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity 1t
CPU Intel Core I5-7300HQ
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Screen Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920x1080
Memory Capacity 2G
Thickness 20.0mm And Above
Color Classification Black
Product Barcode 0000000000000
Weight 2kg With -2.5kg Without
Package Type Official Standard Fever Package One
Manufacturer HP
Input Device Touchpad
Whether Touch Screen Non-touch Screen
Energy Efficiency Rating First Level
Graphics Card Type NVIDIA GeForceGTX1050 (Notebook)
Operating System Windows10
Applicable Scene Home Audio And Video Female Positioning Light And Portable Student Business Office HD Game Distinguished Flagship Family Entertainment
Communication Technology Type Wireless Network Card Bluetooth
Energy Efficiency Record Number 201704-27-1134215-1829188520883
Warranty Period 12 Months
Body Weight With Battery 2kg

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Product Q & A

Galaxy Fleet 3 Generation HP/HP PAVILION 15 Game Notebook Light Shadow Fine...

A: HP performance is better, especially the 1050 graphics card is much better than the Asus 940, but the portable type is worse than Asus.

The difference between HP "Light and Shadow Elf" and "Shadow Elf" and "Galaxy Fleet"...

After the product, the black version of the product was also introduced, and a relatively rare color scheme such as black and green was adopted.

HP Light and Shadow Elves, Shadow Elves, Galaxy Fleet which is good, what is the difference?

Elf, this doesn't have to be tangled

15 game laptop light shadow wizard 2 generation Pro how

1T GTX965M 4G GDDR5 IPS screen FHD 6800 left...

HP Galaxy Fleet 2 and Light and Shadow Elf 3 which is better

Good-looking point.

Which is better for the HP Shadow Elf series and the Light and Shadow Elf series?

3, the heat of the light and shadow 3 is very poor, and the thermal level of the shadow 3 is normal, the light and shadow 3 is not recommended.

HP Changyou E-sports Edition is not the same as Light and Shadow Elf 3

A: Yes, it’s just a different name.

Can the HP Light and Shadow Elf Galaxy Fleet add memory and SSDs?

A: Yes, add a m2 interface solid state, the original mechanical hard disk can keep the game

HP/HP Shadow Elves OMEN 15-AX016TX Second Generation Polaris Light...

There are detailed information about Shadow Elves 2:

Is HP's Light and Shadow Wizard and Shadow Wizard's regulator power the same?

A: The two voltage regulators have the same power and have no effect.