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Professional recording pen automatic recording mini anti-invisible miniature student positioning remote recorder super long standby

  • Product Code: 547210861621
  • Availability: 286
  • $61.03

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Product specifics
Brand Yan Xiu
Model GT360
Product Category Recording Pen
Storage Type Other /other
Video Playback Format Video Not Supported
Battery Specification Lithium Battery
Additional Features Recording Function GPS
Screen Size No Display
Display Type No
Warranty Period 5 Years
Place Of Purchase China Mainland
After Sales Service Shop Three Bags
Color Brand New
Memory Capacity Other /other
Package Type The Official Standard Package A
Manufacturer Shenzhen Kangkaisi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Color Classification Black [remote Recording Positioning Version] Gold [remote Recording Positioning Version]

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Product Q & A

What kind of recording pen and GPS locator are good?

A: I have used the night cat's positioner, it is easy to use, the sound is clear, the positioning is very accurate, you can try

The difference between a professional voice recorder and a normal voice recorder

It is converted into a digital signal by a digital-to-analog converter and stored after a certain compression. The digital signal is copied after multiple times,...

Recorder Who would buy?

Or instant thoughts and the like. To sum up, basically, secretarial staff, journalists, public prosecutors, students, etc...

Is the recorder positioned?

A: What do you mean..

Is it illegal for ordinary citizens to use a voice recorder for evidence collection?

Ask, thank you!

Is there any common way to interfere with the recording of the recorder?

A: The magnet should not work because the generated magnetic field is constant and cannot interfere with the current. It can be estimated with a small motor.

Can the recording of the recorder be used as evidence, how long is the effective time?

Make recording and video evidence a basis for judgment, and must have three conditions at the same time: First, audiovisual materials should provide...

What is the best way to get a voice recorder

Large capacity. ICD-U60/ICD-U70 is equipped with 512MB / 1GB built-in flash memory. Their large capacity does not correspond...

Micro camera pen price, how much is the camera recording pen? Camera recording pen image...

Micro DVR 2. High-sensitivity microphone, can clearly record the sound within 15 square meters; high-definition camera effect,...

Where can I buy the longest recording recorder or recorder?

In a few days, you may be overtaken by others to meet your own needs...