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Capable thermometer household indoor precision baby room electronic outdoor high greenhouse wall - mounted hygrometer

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Product specifics
Brand Deli/ Deli
Series Thermometer
Model 9014
Place Of Origin The Chinese Mainland
Province Zhejiang Province
City Ningbo City
Color Classification , Exhibition Hall, Laboratory Extra Large Hanging Section [white 9017] For Large Warehouses, Exhibition Halls, Laboratory Dynamic Children's Room Cute Cat [Prince Blue] Three-year Warranty

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Product Q & A

I bought a good indoor thermometer and hygrometer, the temperature does not move, why

A: The temperature does not change, and the thermometer certainly does not fluctuate up and down.

Which brand of temperature and humidity meter is good?

Bao Yi, DRETEC / Dolly, Wo Gao, Little White Bear, kerde

How long does the temperature and humidity meter stay in the room, the temperature will change?

A: The temperature and humidity meter of tens of yuan is not accurate at all, especially the humidity. It has been installed for a few months. It is recommended that you use a precision temperature and humidity meter. The humidity accuracy can reach 3%. The price is around 300 yuan.

How to install a powerful temperature and humidity meter

Answer: On the base, two erected, inserted into the grid directly below the thermometer and hygrometer, and the protrusion of the protruding clinker in the middle of the base is stuck in the slender slot on the back of the thermometer and hygrometer.