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MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F1K/C 6 nuclear eight generation i7 alone significantly GTX1050ti 4G metal game book 15.6-inch thin portable laptop student portable

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Product specifics
Series Mechanic F117
Model F1K
Memory Capacity 8GB
Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity No Mechanical Hard Disk
CPU Intel Core I7-8750H
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Resolution 1920x1080
Memory Capacity 4G
Thickness 20.0mm And Above
Color Classification Silver
Product Barcode 6942509771460
Package Type Official Standard Standard - Racing Version Of The Speed Of Sound Luxury Version Of The Speed - The Flagship Version
Manufacturer Haier Information Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
Input Device Touchpad
Whether Touch Screen Non-touch Screen
Energy Efficiency Rating No
Graphics Card Type NVIDIA GeForceGTX1050Ti (Notebook)
Applicable Scene Home Audio And Video Female Positioning Light And Portable Student Business Office HD Game Distinguished Flagship Family Entertainment
Communication Technology Type Wireless Network Card Bluetooth
Energy Efficiency Record Number No
Warranty Period 12 Months
Body Weight With Battery 2.8kg

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Product Q & A

MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F1K i7 alone significantly gtx1050ti how about...

Because I am a computer, I use a lot of professional software.

MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F1K i7 alone significantly gtx1050ti game book...

Tested by Cinebench R15 software, the test multi-threaded score is 366cb, single-threaded score is 160cb. 3, in CloudGate mode...

MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F1K i7 alone significantly gtx1050ti game book...

A: You can only play the highest special effects of the League of Legends. Watch the pioneers' special effects. Other big games don't even think about including the Jedi survival. Remember to adopt, thank you.

Mechanic game MACHENIKE F117-B eight generation i7/GTX1050T...

A: The mechanic notebook is good, the blue sky OEM is good, the quality, performance, workmanship are quite guaranteed. But I don't know how the warranty is, if you want to buy it, you must first ask.

Machenike mechanic f117 f1k i7 alone significantly gtx1050ti game book...

A: Because the 7th generation core processor was mass-produced in June last year, and the GTX 10 series graphics card was released last October, and this computer was released earlier, it is not difficult to infer that this book was launched earlier this year.

Mechanic F117 S6C Eight generations i7 alone show game this how

A: One of the e-sports screen games, features: GTX1060 alone +72 color gamut 144 refresh rate gaming screen, with PCIE solid state, good performance for playing games enough

How about the mechanic F117 F1K i7 game?

Resolution: 19201080 Processor: Intel Core i7 7700HQ Core / Thread: Quad Core / Eight Thread Memory...

MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F1K i7 alone significantly gtx1050ti can play...

A: Spike Call of Duty 13

MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F6 i7 laptop GTX1060 alone...


MACHENIKE mechanic F117 F1K/C i7 stand-alone notebook type-c...

A: The Type-C interface on the computer is currently used for data transmission rather than as video output.