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Uniscom Lossless Music Bluetooth mp3mp4 Player with Screen Card Student Mini Walkman Recorder

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  • $17.90

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Product specifics
Brand Uniscom/紫光电子
Model K188
Product Category MP3
Storage Type Flash Memory
Operating System No Operating System
Memory Card Type SD Card
Video Playback Format AMV
Battery Specification Lithium Battery
Additional Features FM Radio Function Supports Bluetooth Recording Function
Screen Size 1.8 Inches
Audio Playback Format MP3APE
Display Type Color Screen
Warranty Period 12 Months
Place Of Purchase China Mainland
After Sales Service Shop Three Bags
Color Brand New
Color Classification Blue White Black
Memory Capacity 4GB8G Bluetooth + External Version 4GB Bluetooth + External Version 8G Release Version
Package Type Official Standard Package Three Packages Two Package One
Manufacturer Shenzhen Guoruitong Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product Q & A

How many prices can the Walkman MP3 student group accept?

A: Now that this thing is gone, the smartphone basically replaces mp3, 4, 5, Walkman, CD, etc.

How much is the mini cheapest mp3 in the end?

There is a screen mini voice recorder Walkman 8G69 yuan plus no increase in price has been sold 350,000 durable 3, Youmai wireless sports...

What is the lowest price of mp3?

A: Ziguang electronic sports MP3 MP4 lossless recording pen has a screen mini student card player Walkman 100 hours to play lyrics novel student card variable speed recording Price 50 less than.

Recommend several mp3 students with the best Bluetooth

A: Bluetooth mini mp3 Walkman male and female students high school mp4 lossless HIFI music mp5 gum player portable mp6 ultra-thin touch screen learning English listening recording pen novel

What is the difference between mp3 and mp4?

Welcome. On the other hand, MP3 also brings problems in copyright protection, so many companies are studying can be effective...

What is the difference between mp3 and mp4 format?

Only have a more systematic understanding. The exact concept of MP4 is hard to say, because whether it is from the brand of MP4, the city tastes product specifications, configuration standards...

What are the basic functions of MP4?

A: MP4 basic functions are: 1, video playback. 2, video output. 3, MP3 player. 4, voice recorder. 5, mobile hard disk. 6, TXT text browsing. 7, JPG picture browsing.

What is the difference between MP3 and MP4?

The number of songs that can be accommodated on a CD of the same capacity will be ten times that of a regular CD! ---- MP3 is using MPEG Audi...

What is the difference between MP3 and MP4?

Some MP3s with color display can also play movie videos in .amv or .mtv format, but these videos are not clear enough, the sound quality is poor, and the Internet...

The difference between mp3 and mp4

The number of songs that can be held on the CD will...