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Steam genuine corrosion rust simplified Chinese genuine survival game national area global automatic delivery

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  • $19.26

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Product specifics
Game Version Standard Edition Lite
Manufacturer FacepunchStudios
Game Name RUST Corrosion
Language Classification Simplified Chinese
Commodity Form Activation Code Download Code

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Product Q & A

Steam platform game corrosion how to set Chinese

A: Have you solved it? I bought Rust today. After entering the game, I have a flag icon in the upper right corner. Click here to change the language. The five-star red flag is Simplified Chinese.

Genuine rust how to open the server

A: If it is a genuine server, it will be displayed in the client's server list.

Steam inside how to rust rusty how to play Chinese patch.

The version of the patch will support you three or four times at a time, and it will be changed at that time. It is too much trouble.

I would like to recommend several games on Steam that can be built like rust.

Hurtworld Hurtworld is a violent multiplayer first person shooter game dedicated to deep survival,...

Ask for the latest configuration of rust corrosion on steam, and how many G hard drives are needed

Device: 3 ghz Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GTX 980 Direct...

Who played RUST on the Steam platform?

Like I can only use the exquisite international online game accelerator to play

Rusted corrosion bought on steam, should buy 19 or 59

A: The first one is to buy the first part of the game content. The second one is the four-person package, you can share your friends, or buy the first one after eating.

Steam how to download rust

A: After purchasing the game, you can download it in Curry.

How to change the name of rust corrosion

A: Rust corrosion game name modification method: 1, open the game installation folder, find the [LumaEmu.ini] file 2, right click on the file, select the open method as Notepad, in the playername [fill in the game name], and then click Save.


A: Yes, as long as the accelerator is connected, the server is delayed by 500 or less. If you want to play which server, a search will come out, and you will join.