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Neken / Nikhai EN3 genuine three anti-military straight long standby mobile telecommunications version of the old machine old mobile phone female students big screen big words loud button spare small mobile phone

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Product specifics
CPU Brand MediaTek
CPU Model Other
Network Type Mobile Unicom 2G
Style Straight
Rear Camera 300000
Operating System No
Additional Features TV Broadcast Dual Card Dual Standby GPRS Internet Access
Touch Screen Type Non-touch Screen
Running Memory RAM 32MB
Keyboard Type 12-key Standard Keyboard
Resolution 240x320
Cellphone Type Camera Phone Three Anti-mobile Phone Music Mobile Phone Fashion Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Business Mobile Phone Female Mobile Phone Old Mobile Phone
Type Of Battery Removable Battery
Camera Type Single Camera
Video Display Format 3GP
Network Mode Dual SIM
Core Number Single Core
Cpu Frequency 500MHz And Below
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Package Type Official Standard Package One Package Two Package Three Package Four Package Five
Storage 32MB
Brand Neken/Nikken
Nikkan Model EN3
Battery Capacity 4000mAh
Time To Market 2016-07
Body Thickness 27.1mm
Manufacturer Shenzhen Baikai En Technology Co., Ltd.
Version Type Mobile Unicom / Dual Card Dual Standby Telecom Single Mode / Single Card Version
Screen Size 2.4 Inches
Body Color Deep Space Black Ocean Blue Jungle Green China Red Desert Yellow Fan Color

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Product Q & A

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Mobile phone, the same price is almost the same. I have used Nicain nx, 1, packaging and appearance is very simple and stylish, but also very angry; 2, the screen: Sure enough to force...

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Anti-function is also waterproof double card dual standby and flashlight function standby can be used for two or three weeks without much use...

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It’s too scary

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The touch screen will jump pregnant women and poor constitution, do not buy Nikkan mobile phone, Nikhai NX charger when charging, the heat is very loud, the radiation is very large.

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En "for the company's main mobile phone brand, "neken Nikhai" core team combined with the former high-end mobile phone company as a high...

How is the quality and performance of the Nikkan mobile phone easy to use?

A: Advantages of the mobile phone: The hardware configuration is good, the appearance is very beautiful; the operation is very smooth, and supporting multi-user switching is a bright spot; Disadvantages: The function is general, the battery life is insufficient, and the cost performance is not high.

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The concept of healthy aging is increasingly receiving the attention of the international community. 2. The characteristics of consumer psychology, the convenience of purchasing and consuming goods,...

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Anti-function also waterproof double card dual standby and flashlight function