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Newman V18 long standby mobile big characters loud old mobile phone three anti-military straight old man machine

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Product specifics
Brand Newman
Newman Model V18
CPU Brand Spreadtrum
Model 6531
Network Type Mobile Unicom 2G
Style Straight
Rear Camera 300000
Operating System No Operating System
Additional Features Dual Card Dual Standby GPRS Internet Three Anti-charge Treasure, Voice King, Strong Light Flashlight, QQ
Touch Screen Type Non-touch Screen
Running Memory RAM 32MB
Resolution 240x320
Cellphone Type Three Anti-mobile Phone For The Elderly
Type Of Battery Removable Battery
Camera Type Single Camera
Video Display Format 360P Progressive Standard
Network Mode Dual Card Single Mode
Core Number Single Core
Cpu Frequency 104MHz
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Body Color Army Green Black Orange
Package Type Official Standard Package One Package Two Package Three Package Four Package Five
Storage No
Version Type China Mainland
Product Name Newman V18 Three Anti-mobile Phone
Battery Capacity 3600mAh
Time To Market 2016-1
Body Thickness 25mm
Keyboard Type 21-key Standard Keyboard
Manufacturer Shenzhen Portable Technology Co., Ltd.
Screen Size 2.4 Inches

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Product Q & A

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Anti-function also waterproof double card dual standby and flashlight function

Newman v18 straight military three anti-old mobile phone is good

A: Generally, this is not a brand. WeChat will be deducted unless it is a brand.

What brand of military three-proof mobile phone is good? I want to buy an old mobile phone for the elderly...

When it is time to repair, it is better to choose this, but also three anti-function features, waterproof dual card dual standby and flashlight function.

Straight board electric tyrant big screen three anti-old mobile phone military super long standby old man machine...

A: This is not the majority of the brand can not be used, can also be used to deduct the fee

Newman c9 three anti-old mobile phone how to

It is recommended that you buy a loud sound, a large screen, and simple control.

Straight board electric tyrant big screen three anti-old mobile phone military super long standby old man machine...

It is convenient for people to know and understand something or thing. The manual should be realistic, there is one to say one, two to say two, not to achieve something...

Military three anti-Newman mobile phone can set wifi?

A: You can use a mobile card. But this mobile phone looks like a brick. Are you sure to use it?

Straight board old machine genuine military three anti-road tiger old machine card how to insert?

A: So big mAh is OEM. There is no security. Although the flashlight of the flashlight is there.

Military three-proof mobile phone shocks the world, standby 70 days, can be used as a charging treasure...

Point, as for the three anti-mobile phones, I feel that the three anti-mobile phones are quite good, AGM is also quite good, the appearance has a traditional three-proof model, X...