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DERE / Dai Rui GT 107 notebook Intel 14-inch student light and portable office Internet staging

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  • $183.09

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Product specifics
Brand DERE/Dai Rui
Series GT
Model 107
Thickness 10.0mm With -15.0mm Without
Screen Type Led
Energy Efficiency Rating Secondary
Screen Size 14 Inches
Screen Ratio 16:9
CPU IntelZ8350
Graphics Card Type Intel HDGraphicsBayTrail
Memory Capacity Shared Memory Capacity
Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity 0
Memory Capacity 2GB
Optical Drive Type No Optical Drive
Applicable Scene Mobile Workstation Home Audio And Video Female Positioning Light And Portable Student Business Office Distinguished Flagship Home Entertainment
Weight 2kg With -2.5kg Without
Operating System Other
Communication Technology Type Wireless Network Card
Input Device Touchpad
Resolution 1366x768
Whether Touch Screen Non-touch Screen
Warranty Period 12 Months
After Sales Service Shop Three Bags
Color Classification White Silver
Package Type Package One Official Standard
Product Barcode 6936664900681
Body Weight With Battery 1.4kg
Manufacturer Shenzhen Chuangruixin Technology Co., Ltd.

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