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Newman pen-shaped writing recording pen micro professional forensic device recording ultra small equipment business pen meeting machine student sound small small mini automatic

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Product specifics
Brand Newman
Model Rv25
Product Category Recording Pen
Storage Type Flash Memory
Operating System Other
Memory Card Type Expansion Card Not Supported
Video Playback Format Video Not Supported
Battery Specification Lithium Battery
Additional Features Recording Function
Screen Size No Display
Audio Playback Format MP3WMAWAV
Display Type No
Warranty Period 36 Months
Place Of Purchase China Mainland
After Sales Service Shop Three Bags
Color Brand New
Color Classification Black
Memory Capacity 4GB8GB16GB32GB
Package Type Official Standard
Manufacturer Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product Q & A

Why doesn't the Newman recording pen only record for 10 seconds?

Some recorders can set the automatic recording function, so when to record, when to record or when to stop, just...

Why can't the recording of Newman's recorder be played on the computer?

After all, the goods are theirs, they still have to solve the problem, even after the warranty period, at least can know what caused the problem. I used to...

Newman recording pen, the file can not be opened on the computer.

Each manufacturer has its own special tools to use the more widely used Sony recorder as an example. Sony comes with digital sound...

How to adjust the system time of Newman recording pen XD50

A: There are system time options in the general system settings.

What brand of writing voice recorder is good

Pen ten recording pen brand, Newman Sanyo recording pen top ten recording pen brand, three...

Patriot recording pen and Newman recording pen which is better

A: What kind of voice recorder is used, I have a Pinocchio recording, there is a voice recorder function, and the recording effect is very good.

Newly bought Newman recording pen, 4G memory, recorded 7 courses, each display...

A: It is good to turn off the browsing in the playback mode.

Newman v19 recorder

A: Performance can be general quality, high repair rate, good value for money, domestic recording pen is worth buying, very practical

Who has the Newman Newsmy Voice Recorder Voice Recognition Authorization Code?

A: Yes.

How to adjust the sound size when Newman recording pen puts music

A: Generally there is a volume button on the side, "+" is the height, and "" is lower.