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HP/HP Shadow Night Elf Proi7 Seven Generation 10502G alone significantly eat chicken game laptop

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Product specifics
Brand HP/HP
Series Shadow Elves
Model II
Memory Capacity 8GB
Mechanical Hard Disk Capacity 1TB
CPU I7-7700HQ
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Screen Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920x1080
Memory Capacity 4GB
Optical Drive Type No Optical Drive
Thickness 20.0mm And Above
Color Classification Shadow Second Generation Pro
Product Barcode 0000000000000
Weight 2kg With -2.5kg Without
Package Type Official Standard Package One Package Two Package Three Package Four Package Five Package Six
Manufacturer Dafeng Chongqing Computer Co., Ltd.
Input Device Touchpad
Whether Touch Screen Non-touch Screen
SSD 128G
Energy Efficiency Rating First Level
Whether It Is Ultrabook Yes
Graphics Card Type GT1050ti
Operating System Windows10
Applicable Scene Home Audio And Video Female Positioning Light And Portable Student Business Office HD Game Distinguished Flagship Family Entertainment
Number Of Lithium Battery Cells 3-cell Lithium Battery
Communication Technology Type Wireless Network Card Bluetooth
Warranty Period 12 Months
Body Weight With Battery 2.5kg

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Product Q & A

HP Light Shadow Elf 3 Green Blade Edition eat chicken will burn the graphics card?

A: What is your overall configuration? The minimum requirement for playing Jedi survival is 8G memory, GTX660 graphics performance can only be supported; if the laptop needs more than GTX960M, the performance is not enough to run the game.


A: 1080p, it must be, or you buy such a high configuration, what is so expensive machine.

Can Light and Shadow Elf 3 play chicken?

However, because the notebook is different from the desktop, the heat dissipation problem will still be relatively large, so try not to open the high distribution,...

HP Light Shadow Wizard 4 eight generation i5 1050 8G memory, the value is not worth buying,...

Performance output, you can optimize the performance output of the graphics card on the NVIDIA official website.

Light and Shadow Elf 4 generations to play chicken club card?

Give it a try.

Now it’s a very hot chicken game. HP Light and Shadow Elf i7 580 is a computer...

A: You can play

Can the HP Light and Shadow Wizard 3 of the i5 processor eat chicken?

A: Light and Shadow Elf 3 generations, the official standard and package 1 eating chicken may be a little pressure but can also eat, not recommended, the other can definitely fly!

HP Light and Shadow Elf 8 generation i7 1050Ti4G alone 144Hz screen Play games such as...

A: The configuration of this laptop is still relatively high. It belongs to the mid-level mainstream level. It can run the Jedi survival and GTA5 games smoothly under medium special effects.

I want to ask how about HP Light and Shadow Elf 4, play mainstream online games to eat chicken

A: The heat is not good, I want to play the game or buy the night elves.

Light and Shadow Elf 4 can drive the battlefield, Call of Duty 13 Eat chicken and some big...

A: Look at the graphics card, 1060 is basically no problem, 1050ti does not require image quality is also okay