Qinyou Brand Authentic Gaoyou Salted Duck Eggs 20 Red Heart Flowing Oil Gaoyou Specialty Non-Roasted Sea Duck Eggs Ready to Open

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Product specifics
Brands Qinyou
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Jiangsu Province
City Yangzhou
Packing In Bulk
Sale Method Combination
Package Weight Part 5
Package Cycle 1 Week
Delivery Frequency Twice A Week
Net Weight 1100g
Number 20 Pieces
Production License Number SC11932108400062
Make Gaoyou Qinyou Egg Products Co., Ltd.
Factory Site Xingqu Road, Chengnan Economic New District, Gaoyou City, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Contact The Manufacturer 18083770988
Ingredients Fresh Duck Eggs, Edible Salt, Water
Storage Method Cool, Ventilated And Dry Place
Shelf Life 180
Food Additives No
Production Date 2020 March 1 To March 1 2020

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Product Q & A

Gaoyou salted duck eggs What are good brands? What are, respectively, the company has ...

the extent of damage in the process, the price is different, but the taste is still the same. shell is broken, as long as 5 cents now seems to rise in price, if broken a little bit ...

What makes a good Gaoyou duck salt

Gaoyou double yellow double yellow eggs, oil and more spur of the moment when the taste better, buy a pair of yellow eggs only red sun store is really, Gaoyou nor how many ...

Double yellow duck how will the production batch

there are double yellow egg sells the manufacturers. but some people think, double yellow egg is a female chicken because endocrine disorders and other physiological reasons for the birth of the best ...

Why Qin Post brand salted duck eggs have the smell of disinfectant

A: That would not have feces smeared a little disinfectant smell the feces will smell

Why Gaoyou duck famous?

Wang Zeng - qi had painted in written form painted God: "life difficult for water, salted duck eggs afar, I really was contemptuous." "feature Gaoyou salted egg is fine quality oil and protein ... and more.

Why do we talk about Gaoyou salted duck eggs so famous?

A:!! Sky sun and moon, Gaoyou double yellow duck egg Gaoyou people do not know, coincided with the Prophet Qin Post, eggs Dragon Boat Festival, the magic of Lake Gaoyou salted duck, double yellow duck can be used as gifts for relatives to share Oh.

Salted duck [Red Sun brand, Qin postal cards, three lakes cards] which is better?

A: The red sun relatively well-known, but more fake.