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Spot brand new genuine PS4 game Shenhai 4 mysterious sea area 4 mysterious sea area thieves end road Chinese version

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  • $39.65

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Product specifics
Game Name Uncharted Waters 4
Game Console Type Sony PS4
Game Type ACT Action Game
Language Classification Simplified Chinese
Game Version Standard Edition
Manufacturer Game

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Product Q & A

Ps4 game: mysterious seas 4 thieves end the road Chinese version is full of...

A: There is a simplified way to go to Taobao to see if there is a physical store in Shanghai.

Mysterious seas 4 thieves end roads how many hours

Plus the full treasure collection time will be longer

Uncharted 4: Is the thief end of fun?

A: Shenhai series are very fun. If you haven't played before, you can play the mysterious sea reset version and play again. 4. I think the mysterious sea area 2 plot is the best.

Mysterious seas 4 What is the story of the thieves?

The legendary pirate treasure. The naughty dog ​​outlines the story of the game is "the greatest adventure he has ever had, this adventure will...

Uncharted 4: The thief’s last road can be played with the handle on the computer?

A: Uncharted 4: The end of the thief is a ps4 game, there is no computer, there is no handle can not play

Uncharted 4 thieves gtx750 can play?

A: The mysterious sea series is not available on the PC of the PS4 platform.

Shenhai 4 thieves end of the road fun or lost heritage fun

A: The thief's last road is the four generations of the true story. The inheritance is the story after the fourth. The four generations of female villains have lost the legion, and the Chloe team has been looking for treasures. Finally, the concept changes, the evils are corrected, the heritage story is short, and the price is average.

Mysterious Seas 4 There are no single people in the end of the thieves

A: If you have any questions, you can continue to ask questions. If you don't answer the question, the mysterious sea area 4 only needs to be online for online battle. If you think the answer solves your problem, the normal story mode can be played directly.

Shenhai 4 and Shenhai 4 thieves in the end of the ps4pro single story can be 60 frames?

A: Shenhai started playing from PS3. I have never seen 60 Zheng, my Pro is correct.

Mysterious Seas 4 Do the thieves need to be connected at the end of the road?

May not be there