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Flash di sd card 16g memory card class10 high speed Canon Nikon Sony camera card digital SLR camera memory card 80M / s car big card TV SD card 16g

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  • $7.45

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Product specifics
Brand Sandisk/Sandy
Storage Type SD Card
Memory Capacity 16 GB
Color Brand New
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Color Classification Dark Gray
Package Type Package Three Package Four
Manufacturer Authorized By The Irish SanDisk Manufacturing
Read And Write Speed UHS-1
Whether To Support Anti-counterfeiting Query Stand By
Suitable Camera

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Product Q & A

Sandisk flash di sd card 32g memory card class10 high speed sdhc camera inside...

A: It is best to use the camera to format it before using it. It is better to format it with the camera.

My is Canon 5D2, the card is online to buy the Flash Di SD card class10 high speed 8...

A: This machine is a cf card. Is your sd card in the card holder? It is recommended to use the cf card directly.

What is the class10-45MB/S and class10-95MB/S of the SanDisk SD card?

A: The difference is big! The copy speed is not the same, the reading card is not the same! The speed is twice the speed of the former! For the SLR, the former can be used! The request is not high! Please help!

SanDisk 32G, 95M/S, the difference with 80M/S

The speed of 95MB/s* means you can achieve continuous continuous shooting mode shooting and fast transfer of files to...

What is the difference between the flash memory card class4 and the extreme high speed 48mb/s?

A mark describing the minimum continuous transmission speed. In the case of a continuous transmission speed of 2 MB/s or more, the title CLASS 2, CLASS 4 is a continuous transmission speed of 4 MB/s...

Kingston's 32GB SD card Class10+80M/s and SanDisk configuration...

A: If you have an SD card, I suggest you choose SanDisk! If you have computer memory, use Kingston!

Huawei glory 4C choose how much speed memory card is better Personal entangled in...

A: Hello, it is recommended to use a high-speed SD card of class10 or above. If the SD card used at a lower rate, it may seriously affect the performance of the system.

Just bought the Flash di sd card, marked 95M read speed, 90M write speed,...

A: There is a difference between the nominal and the actual. The nominal test conditions are better than your actual conditions.

Which 80m b and 48m b memory card are selected for the recorder

Do not know the use. The driving recorder memory card is equivalent to the human brain, almost all driving recorders need to be equipped with a memory card...

Just Taobao bought the flash di c10 memory card, saying that the reading and writing speed of 80m per second is a fake?

A: The memory card of C10 is generally read at the highest 45M, write 10-15M, so you guessed it, false propaganda