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Spot genuine PS4 console game God of War 3 HD high-definition version Chinese version

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Product specifics
Game Name God Of War 3HD HD Edition
Game Console Type Sony PS4
Game Type AVG Adventure Game
Language Classification Traditional Chinese
Game Version Standard Boxed
Manufacturer Sony

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Product Q & A

How about ps4 Ares 3 remastering?

A: God does not explain, 60-frame game

Is the Ares 3 reset version played on ps4? What is the reset version and the original...

A: Yes, the ps4 version has the God of War 3HD, but there are no other God of War works, including the God of War. The content of the God of War 3 is exactly the same as the original, even the bugs are the same, but the picture is better, the number of frames is better.


A: I remember more than 30

Can the PS4 of the Bank of China play the Hong Kong version of the "God of War 3" remake?

A: Yes, there is no problem.

Have you played ps3 Ares 3ps4 Ares 3 remastered worth it?

A: Actually, there is nothing different in the content. The ruling version of the god of war, in addition to the lack of an online mode, the quality of the image has also been greatly improved. If you have not played God of War 3, it is worth starting.

PS4 US version of Ares 3 has Chinese?

A: The Hong Kong version has, the easiest way is to turn the system language into traditional Chinese. If the game is Chinese, then there is, there is no

Can PS4 play to God of War 1.2.3 and ascend to heaven? I know that there is now...

A: No, only the reset Kui bald 3, Ascension is the three princesses exclusive, 1 and 2 are ps2 and psp respectively, small V resets 1 and 2 can play

PS4 Ares 3 how to set Chinese

A: The system needs, most Chinese games are traditional Chinese in Hong Kong, the system is set to Traditional, some games support Simplified Chinese, you can also change to Chinese Li Simplified Chinese.

The difference between the ps4 version of Ares 3 and the ps3 version

The frame drop within a certain degree, the PS4 version is 60F, basically stable, and the fluency improvement is huge...

Can you play Ares 3 on PS4?

A: Hello, ps4 can play God of War 3, God of War 3 has been remade on ps4, the picture and effect is enhanced than on ps3, this game is still very recommended. Hope to adopt, thank you.