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Spot new Chinese PS4 game, the last survivor, the end of the US

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Product specifics
Game Type ACT Action Game
Game Version Standard Edition
Manufacturer Sony
Game Name The Last Survivor
Game Console Type Sony PS4
Language Classification Traditional Chinese

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Product Q & A

PS4 game, the last survivor, the end of the day, the problem

Answer: 1 For the sequel to do the foreshadowing. 2 The protagonist is the delivery person, the goods are Elli Ellie is the only person who will not die after the infection. 3 There is no reward for the game clearance [except the trophy], unlimited ammunition will not be.

What is the meaning of the ps4 American Doomsday built-in special code?

Some affiliated items for this game offline and online content.

I bought a PS4 version of the US Doomsday game abroad a few days ago, and the results are old...

A: Their foreigners are not normal.

About the ps4 game The Last of Us version of the US version.

Harmony, not h game.

What are the special codes for the last survivors of the American Games in the ps4 game?

A: There is only one feature, called left behind. Regardless of the iron box or the digital version of the regular class, the DLC is carried when transplanted to the PS4.

PS4 The end of the US The card was dead when it was read.

A: Look at the scratches on the disc. Look at the hard drive. There is no bad track. If you look at the machine, other games will crash. If you have not deleted the game, reinstall the CD and run it again.

Ps4 US Doomsday I have already cleared the customs, there are ps members, but my weapons...

A: There is no level for a single machine. There is only a tool weapon level. That is to rely on the search for a map. You can check it online.

How do you play in the end of the US ps4?

Will reduce the population, and will not receive rewards. If you are entering the opening, leaving the game on the day of the game, the population will be reduced...

Ps4 bought for two months, playing the end of the United States, the Order, blood, feeling all...

A: For example, Wizard 3, Assassin's Creed 5, My World, Call of Duty 11, June 23, there is also a Batman Arkham Knight. Both are good.

Is the Be4 version of the PS4 version with Left Behind?

A: That is a must. I am the last survivor's diehard powder PS4 version contains all DLC multiplayer singles. Of course you also need to buy it separately! I wish you a happy game! Looking forward to the last survivor 2!