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Electric car N1s accessories foot pad modified foot pad wire ring foot pad

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Brand Wilmas
Color Classification Ordinary Wire Ring Foot Pad 20mm,Elite Edition 20mm

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Product Q & A

Maverick electric car N1S retrofit

A: The original battery is connected in parallel. As for the one you said, you need to change the line to start the line.

Can the Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on an ordinary electric car?

A: Maverick electric car accessories are dedicated to special cars, and other ordinary electric vehicles are not matched, if you feel pity you can participate in trade-in activities yo

How to use the double batteries on the top of the N1s of the calf electric vehicle in series?

A: That's parallel, not a piece, you put the second battery's positive edge to the controller's red line, the negative to the controller's black line, but be alert to the battery cross-charge situation, a mention of the controller under the seat bucket, the barrel four screws down, lift up to see, but do not recommend your own modification, but not recommend your own modification, Because the suppression of each other is a hemp