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电动车N1S U1 M1 骑行手机支架 电动车导航支架M+

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Color Classification Maverick Original Phone Holder
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Product Q & A

Which is better, the electric calf N1S or speke CU

A: Mainly depends on what you need, the bottom is analysis: from the battery to see N1S out of the cu earlier, the battery did not remember the wrong words is 60 volts 21 also 26 a, the version of the speed CU in Beijing, due to the limitations of laws and regulations, there are currently a total of CU1, CU2 and CU3S three models, One of the largest battery capacity is CU2, is 32 amp capacity, and CU1 and 2 are

How to evaluate the new Mavericks N1S electric car

Answer: as a whole, the mavericks N1s has passed the certification of the vehicle and regulations, the difference between the appearance and N1 is not very big, just differ in some detail. According to the official description, the mavericks N1s from life, control, design, driving, intelligence and so on five aspects has carried on the upgrading of more than 10 items, but summed up down the main changes are: 1. The N1s button layout into...

What's the difference between Maverick n1s Standard and Safety Edition

A: One is a standard configuration car, the other is a standard configuration of the car plus an insurance! On this difference, the best answer I see is also drunk.

How the Maverick Electric Car N1s connects 2 batteries at the same time

It will appear that the battery with more remaining power charges the battery with less power, and this charging current is very large and not constant current, more than three volts...

Can anyone tell me what this button is on the Mavericks electric car N1s battery!

A: This is a plug, charging the battery pack. Press the button below, the charging light will display a few grids, the same as the mobile phone charging treasure.

What is the USB socket of the Mavericks electric car m1?

A: You can charge your phone!

Maverick electric car city version and power version can drive as fast as how many horses

A: Power version can be opened to 20km/h, urban version can also be opened to 20km/h, Maverick Electric Electric City Edition: Origin: Mainland China Brake Mode: Front and rear disc brake Brand: Maverick Electric Model: N1S Metro Standard Top speed: 20km/h Below Voltage: 60V range: 65km and above Suitable for people: Adult Maverick Electric Power Edition: Production

How long can the calf electric car N1S battery last?

A: The rule is 400 cycles. The general use is 3 years.

Where can I buy the Mavericks N1S electric car in Beijing?

A: The price has been announced: more foot insurance, linear acceleration, double flash, fixed speed, integrated shell, cushion storage can accommodate a spare battery, adaptive headlights, some messy small functions

Maverick electric car n1s battery took away someone stole the car

A: The anti-gentleman is not against the villain, especially the new type electric car of the Mavericks n1. If someone wants to steal your tree, you can steal it, so there is still a place to save the car.