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Electric car U1 screen film M1 display protection sticker instrument protection film personality

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Brand Maverick Electric
Color Classification U1 Ordinary Screen Film,U1 HD Wear-resistant Screen Film

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Product Q & A

The Mavericks electric car m1 screen shows 63! What does this mean?

A: Take a picture, there are no photos, who knows whether it is voltage or display speed?

Mavericks U1 electric car and M1 which is better

Answer: the range of U1 than m1 battery and motor are not imported to not buy buy vegetables can also be a near distance U1 is the advantages of small volume can start into the elevator a key shortcoming range is not very high ratio of m1 is to import a range of battery and motor or good shortcomings too little take the pail can't put things where after the things you want to install a...