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Electric vehicle wind blocking by the winter battery scooter motorcycle thickened warm windproof waterproof cover to increase the wind shield

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Product specifics
Features Keep Warm
Style General Section
The Applicable Objects Gender-specific
Fabric PVC Tarpaulin
Color Classification Dark-eye Girl,Dreams,King Glory,Youth,Zip Cat,War Wolf,Caesar,Killing God In The Middle,Together,Royal Little Guard,Cute Bear,Super Hero,Who Else,Red Hat Man,Who Dares To Stand Me In,I Love You,Love The Cat,Transit Ring
Brand Other/other

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Product Q & A

The use point of electric vehicle windshield

Put on; the body windshield is directly placed on the handlebars. The details are as follows: 1, the introduction of electric car windshield is a wind, protect the belly, protect...

How to hang the electric car windshield

Answer: first turn on the rearview mirror was removed, from above bottoms, part of the set of the gloves to the handlebars with rope tied down, you can. The inside of the windshield to hold the handlebar position. How to choose a high quality electric wind was: the so-called wind is, therefore, is to be able to name incredible wind, the second is waterproof, can identify a wind is waterproof, the most simple...

Electric car windshield is made by plane

On both sides of the access control, the cloth belt should be wide and some can be tied to the waist.

Electric car windshield?

Answer: the electric vehicle windshield is mainly made of windproof fabric, filled with thickened space cotton; Increase lengthen, is big to the body surround; It can also protect the back seat from the wind and cold. PU high quality fabric, filled with spongy cushion, blanket lining, waist and hip protection, the overall protection is warmer

How to install the electric car windshield

Mechanical energy movement to control the current to change the speed of the vehicle. The first electric car was built in 1834, it is made of...

How to make dimensional drawings of electric car windshield

Answer: 唔 Size here Jun Jun Seeking to ask for a thumb*

Buy a battery car windshield is good in the inner layer is velvet or double-sided waterproof

A: The velvet is good, the wind is used only in winter, and it only snows in winter, so it is useless to use both sides. It is better to warm up than thick.

Electric car windshield by price

A: the Price of electric vehicle windshield

I want to buy an electric car to block the wind, which is better?

A: The first one is best. Warmth and convenience are outstanding. Other packages are too strict and unsafe.

Electric vehicle windshield is introduced

Answer: electric wind is choose what kind of fabric, will directly affect the wind is the quality, value, life, appearance and wind role play, the user is it is better to know the following about the knowledge of wind was fabrics, to ensure that when buying wind was chose in part fabrics, to ensure that the purchase is the fabric quality is very good wind be w...