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Electric Motorcycle Children's Seat Foldable Battery Car Baby's Front Seat Children's Safety Seat Anti-collision Head

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Brand Yu Chao
Model MC1124
Color Classification Front Folding Seats For Electric Vehicles - Black Armrails,Front Folding Seat Of Electric Vehicle-Pink Belt Armrest,Front Folding Seat Of Electric Vehicle - Red Armrest,Front Folding Seats For Electric Vehicles - Black,Front Folding Seats For Electric Vehicles - Pink,Front Folding Seats For Electric Vehicles - Red,Black Folding Seat With Armrest + Collision Cushion Random,Pink Folding Seat With Armrest + Collision Cushion Random,Red Folding Seat With Armrest + Collision Cushion Random,Black Front Folding Seat + Anti-collision Pad Random,Pink Front Folding Seat + Anti-collision Pad Random,Red Front Folding Seat + Anti-collision Pad Random

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Product Q & A

Children's car seats generally use children

Taking the age of the child as the standard, the most standard is the child's weight as a reference. Therefore, the baby is generally less than 36kg...

Is Electric Vehicle Children's Seat Really Safe?

答:电动车儿童座椅也是一种方便孩子出行的工具,在安全这一块应该是不怎么安全的。安-、宝 宝 儿童安全座椅最好有防护功能。

Can a four-wheeled electric car be fitted with a child seat?


Electric car child safety seats, front and rear which good

Answer: Electric vehicle seat is relatively front-mounted, rear-mounted with high center of gravity and front-mounted pedal space is just enough.

I want an electric car with children's chairs, which one is the best

If you choose or change your child's child safety seat, it will bring safety risks to your child. What are the children of different ages?

Can the child car seat be put in the electric car

A: the seat is too small. It's not long enough and it can't be fixed

How to install a child car seat

The length, which also determines the angle of inclination of the seat. 03 When used on a car that is not equipped with ISOFIX, you can also use the above method...

Can a car child safety seat buy the largest age span?

If the child needs to travel by car frequently, then buy a smaller span of age, because the smaller the age span, the more targeted the design, the details are more in line with the age...

How to choose a child safety seat? How to look at the quality?

The huge impact from the front of the car will be absorbed by the back of the chair. The impact of the remaining small part will also affect the baby's relatively strong back...

Which listed companies can do car child safety seats

A: We bought the good child ES888 backrest safety seat, passed the European ECE R44/04 safety standard certification. It can also be installed in both directions. The official website of the Good Children Network has a discount on the Spring Festival.