Electric cars back U1 US U + M1 tail backrest frame Original special modification N1s

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Brands Other / Other
Color Classification [N1 / N1S] LIGHT White Deluxe,[N1 / N1S] LIGHT Ash Deluxe,[N1 / N1S] Luxurious Black With Light,[N1 / N1S] With Light Blue Luxury,[N1 / N1S] Luxury Illuminated Red,[N1 / N1S] Patent Edition White,[N1 / N1S] Patent Edition Red,[N1 / N1S] Patent Edition Black,[N1 / N1S] Patent Blue Edition,[N1 / N1S] Patent Edition Gray,[M1] Premium Gray,[M1] Premium Red,[M1] Premium Blue,[M1] Premium White,The New [U] Premium White,Older [U1] Premium Light Blue,Older [U1] Premium White,Older [U1] Premium Red,Older [U1] Edition Purple,The New [U1US] Premium Red,The New [U1US] Premium Light Blue,The New [U +] Premium Red,The New [U +] Premium Blue,The New [U +] Premium Gray

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Product Q & A

N1s led the Mavericks back how to install

the line to get it. it took the screws get in big trouble if not original sales would ask the store.

Why does the p flash on the M1 n1s display?

Answer: It should be possible!

Mavericks n1s ordinary electric car accessories can be installed right

A: The calf electric car accessories are car-specific, like other ordinary electric vehicles do not match, but if you feel you can participate in trade activities yo

Mavericks converted electric car N1S

A: The original battery in parallel with the above, as you say that you want to change to change a start line

What is the USB jack of the M1 electric car m1?

Answer: You can charge your phone!

What is the maximum speed of the Mavericks n1s power version after cracking

A: 3-speed full electric 48km