Electric vehicle rear rack tail box rack rear wing trunk rack modified accessories Min Chao Mavericks U1

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Product specifics
Brands Min Ultra
Model MC1129
Color Classification U1 Short Trunk Rack,U1 Short Paragraph Three-piece Shelf,Three-piece Trunk Of Color Need To Leave A Message,New Rear U1 - Incoming White Cover,Twill Increase Rear - Dark Red,Twill Increase Rear - Dark Purple,Twill Increase Trunk - Yellow,Twill Increase Rear - Silver,Twill Increase Trunk - Glossy Black,The New U1 Tail Box-dark Purple To Send The Inner Cover,Twill Upgrade Section Rear - Send In The Matte Black Hood,Twill Rear Upgrade Section - Brilliant Black Send Inner Cover,Twill Upgrade Section Trunk - Blue Incoming Cover,Twill Upgrade Section Trunk - White Incoming Cover,Twill Upgrade Section Rear - Send In The Red Hood,U1 Increase Twill White Trunk,U1 Increase Twill Blue Trunk,U1 Increase Twill Matte Black Rear

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