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Emma electric car battery car foot mat mat mat electric scooter small turtle cut from GM

  • Product Code: 555429790425
  • Availability: 2013
  • $3.09

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Product specifics
Brand Cope
Model KPJD-002
Color Classification Flat Bottom Violet

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Product Q & A

How much is the Emma Little Turtle King electric car?

Answer: 2800 for 4 batteries, 29 for 5 batteries, 3250 for 6 batteries

What to do with Emma's Turtle King electric car

Answer: You can go to the after-sales service, or any shop that repairs electric cars, and ask him to unplug the speed-limiting device.

60V Emma Little Turtle King Electric Vehicle Headlight Circuit V

There is basically no market for horn bulbs, so the 60V car is equipped with a converter, so the voltage coming over is 12V!

Emma electric car how small turtle line 3 controller to change the line 6

A: Originally beamline where there are third gear line, you can use the stick if you do not know already, then it do not bother looking for the master of it...