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Emma electric car battery car foot mat mat mat electric scooter small turtle cut from GM

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Product specifics
Brand Cope
Model 111
Color Classification Black Red -20 Mm Thickness 45 * 60cm,Black-grey-20 Mm Thickness 45 * 60cm,Black-purple -20 Mm Thick 45 * 60cm,-20 Mm Thick Brown 45 * 60cm,Rice Dumplings Color -20 Mm Thick 45 * 60cm,Beige -20 Mm Thick 45 * 60cm,50 * 70 Cm Color Notes,60 * 80 Cm Color Notes,Black Red 15 Mm 45 * 60,Black And Gray 15 Mm 45 * 60,Black Gray 15 Mm 30 * 60,Black Red 15 Mm 30 * 60,Gray-12mm Thickness 30 * 60cm Flat Bottom

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Product Q & A

Emma electric car king tortoise shell a change in how much money

Answer: 200-400 set

How much is Emma's electric turtle Little Turtle for a headlight?

Answer: If you still replace the original halogen headlights, it is generally about 20, if you want to change the LED headlights, about 40

How to get the automatic opening system of Emma's electric turtle

Answer: 1. A non-return valve must be installed in front of the booster pump; 2. A professional plumber is required to install a circuit, and the material is not expensive between 100-150 yuan; 3. The booster pump has air in it;

What to do with Emma's Turtle King electric car

Answer: You can go to the after-sales service, or any shop that repairs electric cars, and ask him to unplug the speed-limiting device.

How many roads can Emma electric car 48v Little Turtle Diou run

Answer: 48v12A can run 40 kilometers, 48v20A is about 50 kilometers, it is generally uncertain, but it will not be too far away.

Dio small turtle Emma electric car 60-volt electrical charges Why do

A: Talk about specific situations.

Emma electric car how small turtle line 3 controller to change the line 6

A: Originally beamline where there are third gear line, you can use the stick if you do not know already, then it do not bother looking for the master of it...

Emma small circle top right corner of the screen turtle king electric car What does it mean

and also...

CY700-1A small turtle Emma electric car, car store price ...

A: around 2000 as relatively cheap