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Factory direct solar apple flowers Solar automatic swing sunflowers car ornaments wholesale jewelry

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Item LY-X005

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Product Q & A

My solar swing apple blossom is no longer swinging.

Answer: Mine too. Maybe I bought a copy. Is it ten dollars cheap or good? I spent another 20 dollars to buy a kitty cat. During the day, the backlight is dangling.

Why solar apple blossoms swing back and forth

Answer: Solar energy is converted into electrical energy through energy panels, and the electrical energy is then converted into magnetic force. The magnetic force has north and south poles, and the same polarity repulsion principle is used to keep it swaying.

Why does the solar apple blossom swing back and forth?

Answer: Solar energy is converted into electrical energy by solar panels, and electrical energy is converted into the mechanical energy of solar apple blossoms by electric motors, which causes it to move, so that it swings back and forth. Most of the machines that move now rely on electric motors.

How does solar apple blossom work?

Answer: Using the principle of optics, as long as it is in sunlight or daylight, the irradiation of light energy will be converted into kinetic energy, and the blades will shake on their own. The green blades can also adjust the fatigue of eye vision, which is a good ornament for office supplies and home


A: Generally available in gift shops, or go to the auto parts city, the gift shop is more expensive than the auto parts city!