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Farm salty duck eggs natural free-range duck eggs authentic oil non-high-post salted duck eggs in bulk 10 pieces about 60g / piece

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Product specifics
Production License Number SC11934012105090
Factory Name Hefei Chunzhirun Food Co., Ltd.
Factory Address Building 1, East Of Hehuai Road, Gangji Town, Changfeng County, Hefei, Anhui, China
Manufacturer Contact 055166825180
Ingredient Table Fresh Duck Egg, Edible Salt
Storage Method Cool And Ventilated
Shelf Life 180
Food Additive No
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Anhui Province
City Hefei City
Packing Bulk
Net Weight 600g
Number Of Pieces 10 Pieces
Production Date April 06, 2018 To May 21, 2018

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