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HD noise reduction recorder Mini ultra-small voice control remote U disk positioning student learning MP3 lossless recording pen

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  • $22.20

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Product specifics
Brand HURLIGS/Heiling
Model H6
Storage Type Flash Memory
Memory Capacity Other /other
Color Brand New
After Sales Service Shop Three Bags
Video Playback Format Video Not Supported
Audio Playback Format MP3WMA
Product Category Recording Pen
Color Classification Black 4G Black 8G
Package Type The Official Standard Package A
Manufacturer Shenzhen Huiling Industrial Co., Ltd.
Screen Size No Display
Display Type No
Additional Features Recording Function
Operating System No Operating System
Memory Card Type Expansion Card Not Supported
Battery Specification Lithium Battery
Place Of Purchase China Mainland
Warranty Period 5 Years

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Product Q & A

Voice recorder What does the voice control switch mean?

Although the digital recorder has a long recording time, it is not unlimited, so this feature becomes very useful...

How does the HYUNDAIHYM-2018 8G recorder use voice recording?

"Or" next song "Find voice recording 3: After the mode is adjusted, turn the recording switch to "REC" to record the voice.

What does mp3 recording sound control mean?

After speaking for a period of time, the recording will stop automatically. Features of mp3 recording voice control: 1. Can directly sound the microphone...

Noise reduction control recording time recording recording difference with other models

-50V or so. So take the intermediate value of 18-20V to start the recording value, the voltage is lower than this value when off-hook, turn on the recording, after hanging up, it is higher than this value, stop...

What is the meaning of a remote voice recorder?

A: That is the network false propaganda, long-distance recording, generally the recording pen is transferred to the microphone high sensitivity, the high-end pen has the lecture mode, is the directivity. The voice control is recorded, no sound stop. Generally used in the internal recording.

Shinco 16g u disk recorder pen recorder voice control recording can be done after the completion of electricity...

Recording battery capacity is small, it will be convenient to use, but may not be able to meet your long-term voice recording.

Where to buy a voice-activated voice recorder in Xining, Qinghai

No sound automatically stops, save memory space, extend recording time! 400 mAh large capacity lithium battery, can be recharged, battery can be continuously recorded 40...

I would like to recommend a recording pen within a thousand yuan for class use.

You can't be slaughtered if you look at the price on Taobao.

Please help recommend a long time recording, low power consumption, voice control...

A: You can watch the Philips recording pen. It has a long recording time, long standby time, sound control, good sound quality, huh, huh, and fully meet your needs.

I want to buy a voice recorder. I can have a voice control function for about 20 days of continuous recording...