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Pull back women's shoes casual canvas shoes spring couple shoes white retro tennis shoes men's sports shoes men's shoes pull back shoes

  • Product Code: 40265238659
  • Availability: 982
  • $19.09

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Product specifics
Time To Market Spring 2012
Gender Unisex
Sole Material Non-slip Rubber
Whether The Mall With The Same Paragraph Yes
Shoe Size Normal Code 40 Girls Choose A Small Code, Boys Choose Normal Code 41 Boys Choose Normal Code 42 Boys Choose Normal Code 43 Boys Choose Normal Code 44 Boys Choose Normal Code 45 Boys Choose Normal Code
Brand Warrior / Warrior
Section Number HlWK-1
Price Tag 158
Help Surface Material Canvas
Color Classification White Gray

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Product Q & A

What if the white tennis shoes are dirty?

Black, how to brush shoes, shoes are also not clean. 2, soak the shoes first put a basin of water, the water has to drown the shoes,...

How to wash the mud on the white tennis shoes thoroughly?

Falling down, the second is more critical, after the shoes are finished, use the toilet paper to wrap the surface of the shoes, remember that all inclusive, the edge of the shoes also...

How to wash cantaloupe juice on white tennis shoes

These methods, wash out white shoes like white shoes: 1, just touch the juice, you should quickly wipe the contaminated area with a wet towel, then wash it with laundry detergent...

This white tennis shoe is so cleaned, everyone helps out.

A: Water and washing powder brush, it is best to put toilet paper when drying.

Looking for a shoe nike 5 years ago: it should be tennis shoes, next to the shoes...

Is the old version of this shoe in your picture, if the price is around 700, it may be a simplified version of Federer's Grand Slam sneakers. If the price is 840...

What kind of pants should be worn with white tennis shoes? Male 175cm 77.5kg

Shoes. 2. Dark green jacket + black T-shirt + dark blue pants + white tennis shoes. The above two are for your reference only, there are more...

If a white tennis shoe gets black leather shoe polish, what should I do to clean it?

A: Try toothpaste. This is quite useful for ordinary white sneakers. We are so decontaminated by ourselves. I don’t know if I can go to black shoe polish. Oh, anyway, if you are a dead horse, try it first:-p

How to wash off the white tennis shoes moldy?

: 1 Take the clothes to the sun for a while, and gently tap them with your hands; 2 After brushing the mold, then put the clothes...

How to brush the net of white tennis shoes

, the shoes are not yellow

Will the tennis shoes be sun-dried by the sun! Can it be white with bleach? Also...

The way to wash with toothpaste, and the use of a pen blister, I have only practiced the first.