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Foldable electric motorcycle battery car child seat baby seat child safety seat pre-crash head

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Product specifics
Brand Min Chao
Model MC1124
Color Classification A Folding Seat Models With Black Bars,Paragraph A Folding Seat With Armrest Pink,A Folding Seat Section Bars With Red,A Folding Seat Section Black,A Folding Seat Models Pink,A Folding Seat Section Red,A Folding Seat Models With Black Bars In The Crash Pad Random +,A Folding Seat Section Bars With Pink Random Crash Cushion +,A Folding Seat Section Bars With Red + Random Crash Pad,A Folding Seat Under The Crash Pad Random Black +,A Folding Seat Under The Crash Pad Random Pink +,A Folding Seat Under The Crash Pad Random Red +

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Product Q & A

The general use of child car seats to teenage children

age children as a standard, most standard is child's weight as a reference. So generally weighing less than 36kg baby ...

Electric car child safety seats really do

A: The electric car child seat is also a convenient tool for children to travel in safety this one should be very secure safe - Bao Bao child safety seats have the best protection.

Four-wheel electric car you can install a child seat

A: If the standard mounting interfaces with a safety seat on the car's rear seats can be installed, or can only modify their own seat, the child safety seat mounting interface is a specification.

Electric car child seat, which is better, front or rear

Answer: The electric vehicle safety seat is relatively front, the rear center of gravity is high, and the front has enough space in the pedal position.

I want an electric car with a child chair, which is the best

The actual situation of choosing or changing a child's child safety seat will bring hidden safety hazards to children. What do children of different ages use ...

Can child car seats be placed on electric cars

Answer: The electric car seat is too small. It is not long enough and cannot be fixed. If you buy a child safety seat with an airbag, if there is an accident, the electric car driver will pop out.

The child car seat installation how

the length that the inclination angle of the seat while the decision. 03 is not equipped with ISOFIX used on automobiles, the above approach can also be ...

Is the best age span for car child seats?

If a child needs to travel by car often, then buy a smaller age span, because the smaller the age span, the more targeted the design, and the details are more in line with that age ...

Child safety seat how the election? How to see the quality?

huge impact from the front of the car will be absorbed back of the chair. the remaining fraction of the impact will be relatively the strongest role back in her baby ...

Which listed companies can do child car safety seats

A: We bought a good boy ES888 back seat, through the European ECE R44 / 04 safety standards can also be installed bidirectional, good boy official flagship store network Spring discount it.