Mountain bike pedals folding rear pedal electric car pedal rear seat pedal modification accessories rear pedal

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Brand Donkey Multibond
Color Classification Folding One Pair Of Pedals,One Pair Of Eyes And Big Feet,Shell Models One Pair Of Eyes,1 Pair Of Green Eyes,1 Pair Of Black Eyes,Folding One Pair Of Word No.,Folding One Pair Of Large Black

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Product Q & A

What is the thing people pedal on the back of an electric car

Answer: Just call the rear pedal

What's going on with the pedals of an electric bike?

Answer: In this case, the chain may be tight, and the friction of the flywheel will increase, so that the pedals will rotate along with it.You can add oil or replace the flywheel, or remove the chain.

What's wrong with the pedals turning during the electric car?

It's big, with the pedal to follow the rotation, first try to add some oil to increase the lubrication to see if it can be solved. If it doesn't work, carefully clean the non-wheel with diesel oil.

What happened to the pedal of an electric bicycle?

Answer: The bicycle chain is rusted. Think of a way to clean it. Just put a little oil on the chain.

What is the reason why the electric bicycle pedal always keeps turning and how to solve it

The cycle causes the phenomenon described. This situation is also a common problem in the electric vehicle industry. At present, all brands of vehicles with assist functions ...

Is it necessary to keep pedals for electric bikes?

The maximum vehicle mass must not exceed 55kg.According to the new standards, all electric vehicles that want to be included in the management of non-motor vehicles must ...

Does the pedal of the electric car follow the turn and remove the chain and still turn?

Help release to prevent the situation of speeding. Dismantling the assistance is very simple, there is a sensor near the center axis, there are three wires in that line, you can also cut any one ...

How to open the rear pedal of Yadi battery car

Answer: Push it in and it opens

Is it better to buy pedals for electric cars or pedals?

Answer: The pedals conform to the law of triangle stability. However, it is better to choose a brand with high cost-effective and durable batteries. Neither the pedals nor the pedals need to be considered in the first place.

How to install electric pedals

Answer: Remember: Twist in the direction of the wheel, whether you are on the left or right.