Free shipping 26 size English letters magnetic refrigerator stickers digital whiteboard stickers children teaching ABC magnet

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Pattern Abstract Pattern
Color Classification Colorful Magnetic Numbers,Colorful Magnetic Building Blocks Puzzle,Colorful Magnetic Strokes,Colorful Magnetic Finals,Colorful Magnetic Building Blocks Double Circle,Colorful Magnetic Consonants,Colorful Magnetic Lowercase 26 Letters,Colorful Magnetic Capital 26 Letters,Colorful Magnetic Radical,Colorful Magnetic Fine Clock,Colorful Magnetic Tangram,Colorful Magnetic Building Blocks Single Circle,Color Smiley Magnetic Particles,Colorful Magnetic China Map
Slices Other
Size / Processing Method In
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Product Q & A

Will the magnetism of the refrigerator sticker affect the refrigerator?

Answer: There is no problem as long as the door can be closed tightly. If the magnetism is too small, the door cannot be closed.