Kitchen furniture film grade high temperature glass marble table wood tables adhesive surface of the transparent protective film

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Product specifics
Brand Yu Meng Home Accessories
Pattern Solid Color
Style Modern Chinese
Origin China Mainland
Province Jiangsu Province
City Wuxi City
Color Classification [Specials Treasure] Conventional Double HD Transparent Film [Zhendian Treasure] Very Thick Layer Crystal Film [edging Can Be Folded]
Slices 1 2 3 4 5 Other / Other
Article Number YM-TM-02
Sales Unit Meter
Size Small Medium Large Super Ultra-small
Size 0x0cm30x100cm40x100cm40x160cm40x180cm40x200cm40x220cm40x240cm50x100cm50x150cm50x180cm50x200cm50x220cm50x240cm60x60cm60x100cm60x120cm60x130cm60x140cm70x70cm70x100cm70x120cm70x130cm70x140cm80x80cm80x100cm80x130cm80x140cm80x150cm80x160cm80x180cm90x90cm90x100cm90x130cm90x140cm90x150cm90x160cm90x180cm100x100cm100x150cm100x170cm100x180cm120x120cm125x125cm130x130cm135x135cm138x138cm140x140cm150x150cm

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