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Flash di 64g memory card class10 storage sd card high speed tf card driving recorder 64g mobile phone memory card

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  • $15.16

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Product specifics
Brand Sandisk/Sandy
Storage Type TFmicroSD Card
Memory Capacity 64GB
Color Brand New
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Color Classification Red
Package Type Official Standard
Manufacturer Authorized By The Irish SanDisk Manufacturing
Read And Write Speed Class10
Whether To Support Anti-counterfeiting Query Stand By
Suitable Mobile Phone

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Product Q & A

Samsung's memory card is still good for SanDisk, and the driving recorder is used above.

A: Different brands, product design concepts, configuration, etc. are also different, each has its own advantages, it is recommended to choose the right product according to needs and preferences. If you want to know Samsung products, please visit Samsung official website for enquiry.

Samsung memory card is good or flashy, driving recorder

Mobile phone original accessories mall: pay attention to Samsung service "WeChat public number, in WeChat chat interface - products and activities - accessories mall. 3. Three...

I bought a microSD card of SanDisk's class10, and the result is inserted into the line...

Needless to say, it is parallel imports. Go to Jingdong to buy it, worry about it. Going big is to find a factory to be guaranteed.

Why aren't many driving recorders recommended to use SanDisk's memory card?

A: Unstable, use a dedicated memory card for better

Excuse me, how about replacing my 360 driving recorder with the new SanDisk 64G card...

A: The memory card and the driving recorder are not compatible. It is recommended to change the card! There is no need to be so big, generally 16G is enough~

Excuse me, I bought a 64G SanDisk memory card, but it is in the car...

A: Just format it once, then go to the computer to format, ntfs or FAT32 will be fine.

How to find the flash di 32G card used by the road passenger travel recorder?

A: That's not necessarily. Before I bought a mobile phone, I used my own memory card. Sometimes I can't do it. Sometimes I can use it.

Detective driving recorder can not use SanDisk 64 memory card

If it doesn't work after formatting it as fat32, then try to find a small memory card. If you can recognize it, you can...

Driving recorder, tf card, SanDisk, class10 48MB/S enough? Need...

Below the previous model or with other chips, writing with 48M/S is more than enough.

SanDisk high speed, which tf card is more suitable for 1296p driving recorder

Advanced camera function. If the budget is abundance, you can also consider the flash speed of the Super Speed ​​Card. The read/write speed is 95mb/s. The effect will be better. I use it myself...