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Wellcome welcom gamepad usb computer TV pc360 cable GTA vibration NBA2k18/19 rocker stand-alone game Assassin's Creed Battlefield 5 Monster Hunter World ps3steam

  • Product Code: 39333429326
  • Availability: 159700
  • $6.77

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Product specifics
Brand Welcom
Model WE-8400
Have Wireless Wired
Interface Type USB
Color Classification White Blue Black Red Single Point Black No Motor Transparent Blue Transparent Black White Upgrade Version Black Upgrade Version Red Upgrade Version Blue Upgrade Version Transparent Black Upgrade Version Transparent Blue Upgrade Version
Manufacturer Shenzhen Wei Chi Da Electronics Co., Ltd.
Handle Characteristics Shock
Suitable Other
Time To Market 2018-4-1

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Product Q & A

Play a big game, like eating chicken NBA2k18, playing cpu will overheat...

A: Of course, it is to strengthen the CPU heat. You can consider replacing a better fan radiator, re-applying silicone grease, etc. You can also install a chassis fan to enhance the air exchange and circulation inside the chassis.