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Garden flower flower cut gardening pruning branches cut thick branches fruit tree pruning scissors scissors pruning shears labor-saving scissors

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Product specifics
Brand YINLONGDAO/Yinlong Island
Model Flower Branch Shears -001
Material Stainless Steel
Color Classification Orange Handle Replaceable Blade To Send Spare Blade + Spring [waist Box] Gardening Tools 8 Kits Plastic Box Pulley Labor Saving Models Pruning Shears Double-sided Blade Design Sharp And Durable Send Waist Box Labor-saving Cutting Board Large B Models Send Waist Box

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Product Q & A

Pruning branches scissors gardening tools multi-purpose household coarse branches fruit trees labor saving...

The full buds are cut, but the orientation of the cuts should be noted. The branches should be kept in accordance with the spatial orientation, and the erect branches on the back should be removed.

What is the name of the scissors for trimming the garden?

A: Pruning shears..

Gardening tools pruning flowers lawn scissors large scissors

The soil in the community park is required to be fertile, loose and breathable.

Is it possible to trim the flower branches with the scissors we usually use?

A: Fine branches can be used, but thick branches must be cut with special branches, otherwise it is easy to tear the cut, so that the cuts can not heal well, affecting the growth and beauty of the plants.