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Beautiful garnet bracelet

  • Product Code: 591072614011
  • Availability: 1000
  • $15.94

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Product specifics
Model 01
Series Angel Fairy Series
Style Bracelet
Craft Original Handmade
Features Nourishing Qi And Blood, Beauty
Symbol Loyalty, Simplicity, Love, Chastity
Garnet Specifications 3.8MM

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Product Q & A

Start with a string of garnet bracelets, about how much money

: 1, color, garnet color variety, there are burgundy, orange, purple and other colors, large wine red garnet, good quality price ...

Benefits of garnet bracelets

people will look more ruddy white, radiant, so that even light apply cosmetics, acne bird ...

Garnet bracelets usually wear a few?

the preferred number of stars. in addition, the wearer of this amulet can act as role bracelet usually worn on the left hand, left hand because his right hand is relative, with a relatively small, ...

Meaning the number of pieces of string garnet hand

length wear comfortable no problem, but the most common is too tight or too loose, in order to pursue a number of pieces to wear it uncomfortable to death, who to wear ah ~!

Garnet bracelets worn taboo

improve human blood, people who often stays up late to help restore physical strength, can improve women gynecological diseases, strengthen the vitality of its own, but also ...

How can garnet bracelets remain bright

so is recommended to wear garnet friends will garnet jewelry off, thus reducing the cleaning products in the grooming of garnet ...

Garnet bracelets how many stars

Depending on the size of your hand own portfolio, I'm talking about general business law strings of beads, hope to adopt

Garnet hand string of some of the best

beads multi-turn looks better. If the age is relatively large friend recommended wearing large beads lap best for your identity and temperament.

Garnet bracelets which efficacy and role

energy and easy to make up symptoms of anemia, a woman look awfully, and appearance will follow the changes, and then play the power and beauty of ...

Garnet bracelets to identify true and false

the color of the wine we drink often, the surface crystal thorough, generally in the sun the color will be even more beautiful. the fake ... more