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Alien technology ET-31 somatosensory game console TV home double parent-child wireless dynamic family exercise fitness

  • Product Code: 38495235272
  • Availability: 1100
  • $74.16

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Product specifics
Brand Alien Technology
Model ET-31
Color Classification ET-31[parent Interaction]
Package Stand-alone Standard
Manufacturer Zhongshan Alien Culture And Education Technology Co., Ltd.
Version Type China Mainland

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Product Q & A

Alien Technology et-31 Sports and Entertainment Double Parent-Child Interaction TV Body Tour...

Electricity, sensitivity exceeds all similar products in the market. Super wireless wireless freedom

Alien Technology ET-31 somatosensory game console installation, ask God, teach me how to...

, help you see. Hope to adopt, thank you.

Alien technology somatosensory game console et-31 how to connect

A: Oh, although I don't sell the host of alien technology, but the connection method is the same as mine, I teach you to plug the AV cable into the AV mode with the TV remote control, plug in the HDMI cable and turn it into the HDMI mode with the TV remote control.

Alien technology et-31 somatosensory game machine is good

A: Domestic cottage garbage only

Can I use the somatosensory game console et-31 on my smart TV?

A: Plug in the AV line with the TV remote control into the AV mode, plug the hdmi line with the TV remote control into the HDMI mode.

What format games does the alien technology game console ET31 support?

A: Alien Dell?

How much does the alien technology somatosensory game console sell on the market?

A: Hello, this domestic game console is currently selling at 339 e-commerce, you can refer to. Hope to adopt, thank you.

Et31 somatosensory game console and x360 comparison

, xbox360 is Microsoft's product, the sense of body is to use the camera to directly capture the human body movement, so the technology is more advanced, the game...