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Geely Bo Yue 2018 Lectra 01usb02 03 Wei Pai vv5vv6vv7 dedicated original driving recorder

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Product specifics
Model SH-BK(6145)
Features Front And Rear Double Lens,Before And After Recording,Collision Sensing,Mobile Speed,Fixed Speed,Parking Monitoring,WIFI,GPS Positioning,Motion Detection,WeChat Check Car, Intelligent Voice Control, WeChat Access, Illegal Inquiry, FM Launch,,Cycle The Video,Night Vision Fill Light
Run A Memory 1GB
Color Classification Default Black Other Please Note
Package Official Standardization,Package One,Package 2,Package Three,Package Four,Package Five,Set Of Six
Screen Size Without Screen
Installation Type Special Vehicle
Main Lens Aperture F2.0
The Lens Number Double Lens
Picture Pixel 12 Million
Camera Pixels 12 Million
The Picture Perspective 170°
Image Resolution 1080p

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Product Q & A

Which is better, Great Wall vv7 or Geely Link 01?

Answer: Neck is not listed on the market and can not be compared, but according to the Great Wall and Geely, Neck should be better.

Which is better, Wei Pai vv7 or Li Ke01?

Answer: In addition to the appearance of no VV7 handsome, in other aspects, the mechanical quality of fully rolling VV7 and V5 is much better than that of VV7. The chassis feedback of power matching, steering feedback, vibration filtering and other aspects of the control feel of the Lyck 01 are better than that of the Lyck 01.

Is Neck 01 or VV7 good?

Answer: I like WEY7 a little, so I think WEY7 is better than Lieke 01. The Great Wall has been doing pickups and SUVs for so many years, and standing in the field of SUV shows that internal work is still very good. Looking at the best-selling H6, which can reach tens of thousands of sales per month, it proves that the quality is not bad. Besides, Lieke 01, I don't know how Geely thinks that he can't practice well. Point in the work, put Bo Yue in ___________.

Which would you buy, Rick 01 and Great Wall vv7?

Answer: Link 01 is Volvo's next generation XC40 shell replacement, driving sense, interior and function are luxury car level vv7. Although the exterior interior is better, the frame and power system are not much different from Harvard H7. Vv7 is a medium-sized SUV, which has advantages in body shape, and Link 01 is superior in other aspects.

Who do you choose for the net red car? Neck 01 WEY VV7

Answer: Today, let's talk about a very hot topic. Two kinds of net red car necklace 01 and Great Wall WEY VV7. In fact, strictly speaking, these two cars are not a class. VV7 is classified as a medium-sized SUV while necklace is a compact SUV, but we know that V7 is actually a relatively small medium-sized SUV, and the price of the two cars is coincident. Very tall. Just now...