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Pull back white retro tennis shoes men's shoes canvas shoes men and women shoes classic couples sports shoes skid shoes

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  • $19.09

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Product specifics
Brand Warrior / Warrior
Features Shock Absorption, Anti-skid, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Wrapped, Other Quick-drying Support, Balance, Impact Resistance, Light Weight
Shoe Size 34353637383940414243444533
Color Classification WK-1 Gray White WK-2 Yellow Blue WL-27A Red White WL-27C Blue White
Sports Shoes Technology Easy Bending Function
Applicable Venue Hard Floor
Price Tag 158
Section Number WK-1
Whether Or Not No
Time To Market Fall 2011
Sole Material Natural Rubber
Gender Unisex
Sports Series Tennis Shoes
Help Surface Material Net
Whether The Mall With The Same Paragraph Yes

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Product Q & A

Pull back canvas shoes have a rubber sole, but also have a beef bottom, which is better

The character is named after the beef tendon. The beef tendon bottom can be made of rubber or plastic, and it is most convenient to make with thermoplastic rubber TPR. This kind of sole...

Back to running shoes, the bottom of the rubber is good or the bottom of the beef tendon is good.

Acid and alkaline, suitable for rainy days. Like our rain boots are rubber shoes. Oxford soles are flexible, comfortable to wear, a bit heavy, wearable...

Shanghai pull back shoe sole

~ Who deletes who eats 屎~~ *__* 嘻嘻

What brand of shoes is the bottom of the beef tendon.... urgent

Pull back to fight your feet, the soles of your feet are not worn, your feet and knees are not sore, you come to me.... honestly buy a pair of basketball shoes than...

Does anyone know the old style of the pull back shoes and the old brand of the beef tendon bottom...

You are familiar with this pair of "smelly rubber shoes"! If you don't know "flying", then "returning power", military green "liberation shoes" you should know. These brands of shoes...

That classic red and white pull back shoes, why some soles are rubber red, there are...

A: Most of the online sales are fake, it is recommended to buy in the real store!

Is the pull back shoe good for the bottom of the tendon or the bottom of the rubber?

A: I don't know which shoe of the pull back shoe is thicker and more rubbery. It must be very comfortable to wear.

Pull back basketball shoes to buy rubber bottom is good or beef tendon bottom! Rubber bottom to buy...

A: See what train you are training on. If you are using plastic bottom on plastic track, if you are still on cement or coal runway, use beef tendon!

Pull back basketball shoes to buy rubber bottom is good or beef tendon bottom! Rubber bottom to buy...

A: Yes.

Pull back basketball shoes, in the end is the bottom of the beef tendon, or the rubber bottom is good! That one...

A: The bottom of the tendon is not easy to be worn. Rubber shoes should be worn less.