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Giant doors stationery binder rings split ring clamp loose leaf paper buckle fixed punch tablet binding ring binder rings

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  • $1.72

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Product specifics
Brand Giant Doors
Model Casual Circle
Color Classification Transparent Yellow-green Single Cell S,S Single Cell Transparent Zibai,S Violet Transparent Single Cell,Color Yellow-green Solid S-Box,Single Blue Solid Toner Cartridge S,Single White Solid Toner Cartridge S,Yellow-green Single Cartridge L,L Blue And Single Cell,L Pink Single Cartridge,Transparent Yellow-green Single Cell L,L Pink Transparent Single Cell,L Violet Transparent Single Cell,XL Milky White Single Box,XL Pink Single Box,XL Blue-Box,XL Transparent Pink Single Cell,XL Blue Transparent Single Cell,Transparent White Single Cell XL

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