Glass Kung Fu Tea Set

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Product specifics
Brand Cloud On Cloud
Material Glass
Origin Other
Color Classification 500ML] With Yellow Filter Reinforcing Y015 [capacity 300ML] Printed With A Hammer Filter C300F [capacity 350ML] Printed With A Hammer Filter C500F [capacity 500ML] With Filter
Source Of The Image Autonomous Real Shot Map
Tea Tableware Process Heat-resistant Glass
Whether Manual Yes

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Product Q & A

What does the tea set include?

, A set of exquisite tea set with color, fragrance and taste of the three famous teas, can be described as complement each other. With the prosperity of tea drinking style and the performance of tea drinking customs of all ages ...

How to use these tea sets

Lift the beam, and gently lift the lid button with your left hand. Note: When the teapot is put back, the tea mouth should not be facing the guests. When you press the lid button gently, do not hold the hole on the knob to hold the pot

Tea Set Features

The pine shape and the imitation of the Shang and Zhou bronzes were popular in the Ming Dynasty. The temperature of the fire pot of the purple sand pot is 1000 ~ 1200 degrees, and the texture is dense.