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Frosted window cellophane transparent opaque stickers bathroom bathroom anti-light window stickers anti-theft window paper film

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Product specifics
Brand Praise
Material PVC
Pattern Solid Color
Style Simple And Modern
Place Of Origin The Chinese Mainland
Province Hubei Province
City Wuhan
Color Classification A-pure Matte B-white Scrub C-flower-like Brocade 3D Embossed-J-like Vine 3D Embossed-M-tint-icing-3D-d-European-style Flowers 3D Embossed-F-elegant Iron-3D-G-imitation Blind H-striped Scrub H-infinite Cross Bar E-mosaic 3D Embossed K-diamond-3D Fine Scrub <带胶防爆> One-way Perspective Insulation Film <带胶> The Same Model, The Same Width Beat Multiple Pieces Length For Continuous Open Static Sanding Activity Model
Slices 1 Tablet 2 Tablet 3 Tablet 4 Tablet 5 Other /other
Item Number MS001
Sales Unit Meter
Size Small, Big, Huge, Super, Super Small
Size 20x300cm30x100cm40x100cm50x100cm60x100cm70x100cm80x100cm90x100cm100x100cm120x100cm30x200cm40x200cm50x200cm60x200cm70x200cm80x200cm90x200cm100x200cm120x200cm30x500cm40x500cm50x500cm60x500cm70x500cm80x500cm90x500cm100x500cm120x500cm10x20cm

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Product Q & A

Matted glass paper static glue-free plastic-free meaning

A: matte glass paper refers to a matte transparent paper on the glass static adhesive-free is refers to the construction process, tearing back by the own static electricity and glass between the adsorption force to paste fixed, there is no need for the regular paste paper used glue technology, that is, the meaning of plastic-free and now mobile phone electrostatic film a concept, do not need to use glue fixed

Do not need glue electrostatic cellophane to stick on toilet window, wind blow can drop?

Answer: no plastic static cellophane paste in the toilet window generally won't be blown off by the wind, because it is quite firm.

Window glass film is good with glue or good with glue-free static electricity

A:1, need to choose according to the length of use, if the paste time is longer with electrostatic film, so as not to protect the film aging stick on it is difficult to tear off, the time is relatively short with glue, because the viscosity is good, fast, 2, glass window film glass glass glass film is a multi-layered functional polyester composite film material , sticking to the surface of the building glass can be improved

Can you see the inside from the outside

Answer: listen to you say of glass glaze low seem to have plastic bag so thick only, go to treasure treasure to have good glass to stick, my home treasure to buy of have a millimeter thick, the effect is quite good.