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Household disposable paper cup tea cup FCL thick commercial shipping wholesale cup

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Product specifics
Brand Fort Good
Capacity 201mL-300mL
Origin China Mainland
Color Classification Hsinchu Installed Fiber Thickening 250ml80 Just Installed Fiber Thickening 250ml160 Hsinchu Hsinchu, Just Installed Fiber Thickening 250ml400 Just Installed New Wood Fiber Thickening 250ml80 Just Installed New Wood Fiber Thickening 250ml160 Only Installed New Wood Fiber Thickening Only Installed 250ml400
Only Number 100
Item JZBGDHW-001

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Product Q & A

What's so bad about making tea in disposable paper cups?

G. Pour boiling water into disposable paper cups and glasses, and leave for 20 minutes. The reporter of the Yangtze Evening News found that the color of black tea in paper cups was significantly darker than ...

What kind of rubbish are disposable paper cups for drinking tea?

Answer: One-time recyclable garbage, toxic garbage, containing industrial wax, it is used by people, it is not easy to exclude the wax into the body, causing cancer

How to account for tea, disposable cups, etc. purchased by the office in property accounting

No. Accounting title Name Accounting scope 1 、 Asset 1 1001 Cash in stock 2 1002 Bank deposit 3 1003

I usually use disposable cups to make tea and coffee, I heard that this is not good, please ...

If you are particular about it, a ceramic cup is enough.

How much tea in a disposable cup

Answer: Bamboo leaves green? Figure 2 One to two more is enough